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That moment when you realize Oscar Leroy has the deepest quote from Corner Gas


Oscar: “Why settle?  We never settled.  I’m a paperboy one week, you teach piano the next.  The next week Lacy is a hockey coach, Wanda is a real estate agent, Hank is an accountant; the cops have a radio show.  We all try new things.”

Lacy: "That was actually well said."

Oscar: "Well, it’s about respect…"

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  • Lacey: They should have Daylight Savings in this province.
  • Davis: Ah, it's better for the farmers this way.
  • Hank: I'm with Lacey. Do that spring back, fall forward thing.
  • Lacey: No, it's spring forward, fall back.
  • Hank: But then you're right back where you started.
  • Davis: No, you go an hour ahead in the spring, so spring ahead, fall forward.
  • Lacey: No, then you'd just be going forward.
  • Hank: Yeah, that's the idea.
  • Lacey: You have to go back in the fall.
  • Hank: Back fall, spring back?
  • Davis: Now you're getting it!
  • Emma: I think Oscar's telling people what I'm getting them for Christmas.
  • Lacey: Oh, that is just so sad.
  • Emma: I know. He's got nothing better to do.
  • Lacey: No, I meant you buying all your gifts in July. Woman, relax.
  • Wanda: Do me a favor. Put your neck between my hands.
  • Oscar: Did you see that? A mouse just ran across here it was as big as a gopher.
  • Hank: If it was as big as a gopher you know what it might've been.
  • Oscar: It wasn't a gopher.
  • Hank: I was gonna say squirrel.
  • Wanda: (to Hank) If you are not injured from this accident, you will be when I'm done with you!
  • Hank: I think I broke my wrist.
  • Wanda: Damn!
  • Wanda: I think I've got Hot Cross Buns Down, let's try Three Blind Mice.
  • Emma: They're the same tune.
  • Wanda: ...You just blew my mind.